Amazon’s recent purchase of Wholefoods has switched the question from ‘which grocers will become online retailers?’ to ‘which online retailers will become brick and mortar retailers and begin to harvest the resulting data?’.

正如中国的亚马逊(Amazon)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)所意识到的那样 , the power of combining both online and offline data is unassailable – the best way to truly understand your customers.  虽然 97%的食品 (1) are still purchased in-store it’s actually the physical transactional data which is gold dust.

As grocers continue to stock increased numbers of SKUs and introduce new categories such as organic and gluten-free, the overabundance of choice means customers can find navigating their shop a struggle. 保持篮子大小, they increasingly welcome being guided towards previous purchases and shown relevant recommendations based on their buying history.

更多的选择并不一定会增加收入.  The reality is that grocers and food retailers have lost 29% of their market since 1992, IDC和Precima的一份报告显示 (2).

这相当于每年损失2300亿英镑的巨额收入, 通过社会变革,比如外出就餐的增加, 送货上门和家庭餐包的增加.


Transactional data from in-store purchases is a huge data asset and one of the most powerful tools we have to understand customers—but it’s also one of the most difficult to use effectively.



If leveraged correctly it can be used for significant competitive advantage.  Dunnhumby, 全球数据洞察公司, suggests that shopper data can be analysed  to the benefit of all parties:  the customers and suppliers/manufacturers as well as the retailers.  这种“三赢”方法如下:

  • Retailers benefit through a growth in sales and margin via customer-centric, data-driven decisions
  • Suppliers and manufacturers benefit through deepened engagement from loyal customers supported by more targeted communications and promotions
  • Customers benefit through an improved customer experience including more relevant promotions, 产品, 价格和渠道


Big grocery retailers are sitting on millions and millions of fragments of customer data.  Analysis can help ‘join the dots’ and allow retailers to interrogate all manner of insights:

  • Loyalty analysis – what are the motivations along the ‘path to purchase’?
  • 店内活动分析-拜访(一次性), 重复), 交通位置, 热图停留时间, 队列分析
  • Basket analysis – assortment, ATV, promotion conversions, conversion by aisle, category, SKU
  • 人口统计分析,性别,年龄,面部识别
  • Segmentation analysis – what traits do groups of the most valuable shoppers have in common?
  • 地理分析-地方和国家层面的支出模式
  • 顾客流失——他们还在哪里购物,为什么?


It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Tesco’s loyalty card was one of the most important retail innovations of the 20th century.


它是由数据洞察公司dunnhumby实施的, 是由埃德温娜·邓恩和克莱夫·汉比在奇西克创立的, 西伦敦(非常靠近CMG的总部!). Clubcard was one of the foundations of Tesco’s rise to become the dominant retailer in the UK and one of the biggest in the world and Tesco subsequently acquired dunnhumby to bring their data capability in house.

数据往往过于分散、过于广泛或难以分析 .

Their Clubcard is widely credited with transforming the loyalty scheme landscape in the UK grocery market.  1995年,它推出一年后,持卡人开始消费 乐购增加了28%,竞争对手森宝利减少了16% (3).

Maintaining its’ dominance by offering card holders targeted in-store coupons, tie-ups with high street Reward Partners and premium rates for its branded bank, the granddaddy of the loyalty industry is going from strength to strength and now has over 在英国有1700万用户 (4).


大型杂货零售商可以获得几乎无穷无尽的数据, yet still find it hard to gain a 360-degree view of customer behaviour because data is often scattered, 过于宽泛或难以分析 .


‘From 1 to 10 in our use of data, I would say we’re probably about a 2’, President and CEO of 沃尔玛 董明伦 最近表示 (5). “免费送彩金的白菜网使用数据来改善库存和补充. 免费送彩金的白菜网不使用数据来个性化”

全球最大的实体零售商沃尔玛(沃尔玛)已经做到了这一点 最近雇佣了 (6) information management firm Nielson for a project (due to last ‘multiyears’) called 沃尔玛 One Version of Truth.  Their aim is to rationalise  their data in order to provide a new and more efficient way for suppliers and business partners to measure performance, 推动增长,改善购物者体验.

沃尔玛 certainly aren’t the first grocer to be looking at shopper data; but when a retailer of such a size (5,仅在美国就有5万家门店)正在寻求投资, 那么零售市场将会密切关注.

Another major grocery chain looking to better utilise  its data is conglomerate 此事沃尔玛是美国第二大连锁超市,拥有2200家门店.

他们非常注重客户促销,并且已经做到了 与数字推广技术提供商商合作 (7) to enable them to use their data to engage with customers one-on-one through digital activity.

They also have access to an abundance of customer data, through their ‘Just for U’ scheme.  在这里, members are offered personalised  digital coupons based on their shopping history, 还有定期购买的商品的折扣.  Customers are also encouraged to ‘pre-shop’ by creating shopping lists in the ‘Just for U’ app, sorted by aisle rather than by category to simplify the shopping experience (and to make sure the customer finds everything!).



Major grocers are increasingly choosing to spend time and money capturing in-store shopper data to better understand their consumers’ shopping behaviour and preferences.

E-commerce in the grocery sector is growing but still in its infancy and so harnessing the huge amounts of data which is collected in store is the only way to fully understand customer behaviour .

提供的见解将使零售商能够改善购物者的体验, 推动销售增长, 和发展目标, 建立忠诚度的营销和销售计划.



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2 – 自1992年以来,食品零售商已经失去了29%的市场份额

3 – Following on from the Clubcard launch, cardholders were spending 28% more at Tesco

4 – 俱乐部卡在英国有超过1700万的用户

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